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MUNDO Electrónico, Inc.

Mr. Miguel A. Muñoz founded MUNDO Electrónico, Inc. based on the idea of having a store at Puerto Rico where people could buy electronic parts and do their own projects. Then, came out the necesity to protect his store using a burglary alarm system.  



1968 - 2003

Miguel A. Muñoz D/B/A MUNDO Alarm Supplies

Due to his technical background and experience, Mr. Muñoz when ahead and contacted a company which address he found written at the back of a siren intalled a his store.  He visited ADEMCO® at Long Island, New York and offered them to distribute their products at Puerto Rico.  For approximate 12 years the stock of security products sell at MUNDO Alarm Supplies where only purchased from ADEMCO® and Time Monroe®.  



2003 to Present

Mundo Alarm Supplies, Inc.

On July 2003 Mundo Alarm Supplies, Inc., represented by Ms. Luz M. Alemán, PE, Esq purchased all operations from Mr. Miguel A. Muñoz d/b/a Mundo Alarm Supplies. Our management team has more than 15 years with the company.  Ms. Alemán has more than 14 years of experience as an electrical engineer and recenlty as an attorney.  She is the President and CEO of Mundo Alarm Supplies, Inc since summer 2003.

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